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tenuta toscana

Tenuta il Pozzo covers an area of 60 hectares in the heart of Chianti, in the Chianti Colli Fiorentini area and on the border with Chianti Classico. Starting from the villa, which dominates the valley from its 250 meters of altitude, the estate descends and develops southeast and southwest in soft hills up to about 150 meters of altitude. The soil is partly sandstone and partly loamy-clayey, with a rich presence of beautiful fossil shells.

An unforgettable landscape where nature has been shaped over the centuries by the incessant work of man, of a poignant beauty that continues to enchant the world.

Here fine wines and extra virgin olive oil have been produced for over three hundred years in an ideal microclimate. The winters are mild, the spring luxuriant and exuberant and the summers sunny and warm. At the end of September the sun comes back sweet and temperatures drop, inflaming the landscape with the beautiful autumn colours.

The seasons and activities related to the cultivation of vines and olive trees have long found their perfect balance at Tenuta il Pozzo.

About 30 hectares are cultivated with vineyards, most of them with the indigenous grape variety par excellence: Sangiovese. But there are also other traditional Italian vines from Tuscany and the Chianti area, such as Canaiolo and Colorino, as well as international vines such as Merlot and Cabernet, which give our wines softness and elegance.

tenuta toscana

About 10 hectares are cultivated with olive groves with the three main native Tuscan species: Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo.

This priceless heritage of plants – genetically unique and handed down for centuries – is the starting point to produce a range of high quality extra virgin olive oil with a strong identity.

Everything comes from the raw material: without quality olives you cannot obtain the Tuscan Protected Geographical Identification (IGP), an extra virgin olive oil of excellence. For this reason, Tenuta il Pozzo has recently started precise processing programs, with the aim of bringing to light productions otherwise lost and re-propose aromas and flavors of unique oils of extraordinary sensory value.

The remaining hectares of the Estate are wooded, dominated by centuries-old oaks (Quercus pubescens Willd), holm oaks and cypresses.

Our company pays great attention to the respect for the environment and the sustainability of the entire wine oil supply chain.

Wine Cellar

The Cellar of Villa il Pozzo is adjacent to the villa, camouflaged among olive trees, cypresses and sea pines, which frame a spectacular view towards the hills of San Gimignano.

Built in the 70’s, in the style of a typical Italian winery, the value of tradition is combined with innovation to guarantee quality.

Every step is entrusted to the wise care of Duccio Gori. […]

Gori Family

Tenuta Villa il Pozzo is a beautiful estate in Tuscany, in the heart of Chianti, composed of an 18th century manor house next to an imposing medieval watchtower and about 60 hectares of land.

Tenuta Villa il Pozzo became part of the history of the Gori family in 1966, when it was purchased by Nello Gori. Always a passionate and refined wine connoisseur, Nello Gori began his career as a mediator between local producers and the best wineries in Tuscany […]


Over four hundred years in the heart of Chianti: a future to discover.

Tenuta il Pozzo appears for the first time in the historical notarial registers of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany on March 4, 1590, when the Florentine notary Bernardo Masini signed the sale of the “Podere con casa da Signore e Lavoratore e con terre lavorative, vitate, olivate, fruttate e boscate, situato in località detta “il Pozzo” a San Lazzaro in Valdelsa, Vicariato di Certaldo”. […]